If your account has been locked, please follow the following steps to request it to be unlocked:
1. Contact us at '' to inform us that your account has been locked and that you would like to have it unlocked
2. The Castle Exchange team will investigate and come back to you with details of how to reactivate your account
3. Note: Depending on the reasons for the account being locked or frozen, we may need to re-verfiy your details in order to reactivate

If you wish to change the email address or physical address associated with your Castle Exchange account you will need to follow steps:
Send an email to '' detailing your request to change your email address or physical address. The email needs to include the following details:
(i) Existing Castle Exchange account email/physical address
(ii) New proposed email/physical address
(iii) Selfie of you holding both your original photo identity document (passport or drivers license) and a handwritten note detailing your request. Please look straight at the camera. Selfie must be in colour. Information on ID and note must be clearly visible.
The note must be handwritten and original (not photocopied), and must contain a reference to Castle Exchange and time+date of your request, for example "Castle Exchange 1/10/2018 12:54pm. Request to change email/physical address from xxxxx to yyyyy".
The ID selfie is to verify if you are the owner of the Castle Exchange account. Once this is confirmed, we will update your account email/physical address and notify you when this is completed. This may take up to 1-2 days.

Upon registration of your account, you will be prompted with 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) in the form of a verification code via SMS / Text message.
Please ensure the mobile number used is one you have constant access to as this may be required for additional security purposes.

For security, regulatory compliance, and fraud prevention, there are limits to how much digital currency can be bought and sold with your Castle Exchange account.
These limits vary based on the payment method used, your account age, purchase history, and other factors.
The initial account limit level is set at $10,000 for deposits, withdrawals and transfers.
Users with high trade volumes or that require bigger allowances can contact us on to enquire about an upgrade to their account levels.
Different levels come with different levels of KYC/AML due diligence.
Account limits are subject to change and may be updated regularly.
We will also contact users offering account upgrades to our desecration as well.

One individual or entity can only have one Castle Exchange account. Attempts at having more than one account per person will result in these accounts being closed.

1. Go to the Login screen and click on “LOGIN NOW” on the bottom of the page.
2. Input your name, email address, address, phone number and password (password should have 8 characters, and include upper and lower case letters and number and symbol) and reCAPTCHA, then click "CREATE ACCOUNT”.
3. Castle Exchange will send you a verification email. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the email.
4. Click the verification link in the email to continue the registration process.
5. You will receive an SMS / text message with an activation code for you to enter to verify your account as part of the 2-factor authentication process.
6. You will then need to upload pics of your Passport, Drivers License or ID, proof of address, and a selfie of you holding your photo ID (drivers license or passport)
7. It will take 24-48 hours to verify your details before we set your account up for you. You will be notified via email + SMS / text message once your account is set up

Once your Castle Exchange account has been set up (see 'How do I set up an account?') then you will be able to deposit fiat or cryptocurrency into it as follows:
1. Click on "FUNDS" to see a list of all your tokens.
2. Once you found the token you wish to deposit, press the transact button. If the coin supports deposits, you'll be directed to the address page.
3. Copy the address or use the QR code as well as a tag/memo/ID if required.
4. You can transfer your token into this address from your wallet and other exchange platforms.
5. Castle Exchange will confirm your deposit result automatically. You can see details at the “Statements” screen.

If you are not receiving the code prompts via SMS, please ensure you have entered your mobile phone number correctly, including area code if applicable.
If the problem continues to exist, please contact our support team on ''.

Before you begin trading, your account needs to be verified by Castle Exchange. This includes checking your registered name, email address, home address and mobile number as well as proof of identity as photo ID and a registered document such as Drivers License or Passport. Verification can take up to 1-3 days, especially for larger account balances.

A wallet address is provided to receive a transfer. The address can either be a character string or a QR code. To obtain the address proceed from the MORE menu to Transact / Receive and select the desired coin from the list provided.

As with most brokers, traders and exchanges all users must be at least 18 years old before they can become involved in cryptocurrency trading.

When signing up initially, you will be prompted to input a valid mobile phone number with your country code. You will then be sent a verification SMS with a code that must be typed into the screen to confirm and verify your phone number with us. You cannot create an account successfully without verifying a valid mobile phone number.

You can make a deposit by going to the Funds screen or tapping the (+) Cash symbol on the Home screen, or via the More / Transactions / Deposit menu.
Castle-X accepts debit and credit cards. Alternatively, users can make a direct bank transfer from their bank account into the Castle-X account.

To take full advantage of the mobile apps’ features, it is necessary to grant the Castle-X app certain permissions on your Android or iOS device. Below is a list of the permissions we require for each device and why they are needed:
o Camera - The camera permission allows both the QR scanner to operate and allows for verification of a photo ID in account set-up.
o Notifications - This permission allows push notifications, currently only used with the price alerts feature.
o Identity - We use this to autofill your phone’s default email address at the app login screen.
o SMS - This is for 2-factor authentication.
o WiFi - We prioritize your WiFi connections over mobile data connections.
o Device ID & Call Information - The device ID is used for push notifications and to hash certain device-specific sensitive data to be passed over your network connection.
o Location - Used only to facilitate registration

Castle-X account owners will need to provide the following documents to get their account approved and have access to full exchange services:

o ID document: A clear scanned image or PDF file of your valid government-issued ID (passport, national ID, or driver's license)
o Your selfie: The photo needs to be taken full face, head-on, with no distortions or shadows or reflections of light. A light, neutral background is preferred.
o Proof of address: A clear scanned image or PDF file of a recent utility bill or official document that reflects your name and current address. Proof of address has to be within 3 months.

o All documents should be in English or Roman alphabet language(s).
o All information on all documents must be legible.
o ID document must be original (not photocopied).
o ID document must be valid (not expired).
o Proof of address must be no older than 3 months.
Attempts to falsify documents in order to pass account verification will result in frozen accounts.

No, not at this stage but this is a plan for the near future.

Due to KYC/AML regulations, we only support bank accounts that are under your name as a Castle Exchange user. Deposits made from bank accounts that do not share the name with their Castle Exchange accounts will be returned to original sender.
Withdrawal requests made to these bank accounts will not be approved and all and any related bank fees will be borne by the sender.

For Android devices – simply visit Google Play to find, download and install the Castle-X app. All permissions required should be accepted for the app to function fully.
For iOS app go to the Apple Store and download and install the app on your iPhone.

The transfer of accounts is strictly prohibited. If an account is suspected of being given, traded, sold or not being used by the original owner, the account will be locked with all assets frozen. This stops fraudulent users or compromised accounts being used to trade illicitly on CASTLE-X.
If you wish to give another user your assets, they can sign up on CASTLE-X and you can transfer your assets to them.