If your order has not executed: Please check the price of the open order and verify whether if it has matched counterparty (bid/ask) price and volume or not.
If you would like to expedite it, you can consider cancelling the open order and submit a new order with a more competitive price.
If you cannot cancel the order, or coins weren’t credited in your account etc, please email '' and attach:
(i) The order screenshot; (ii) Exception or error screenshot. We will try our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Sometimes buys and deposits can be disabled if your account is not yet recognized as a trusted payment source. This is to help us protect the community and our site from fraud.
There are two common reasons for this type of hold:
(i) If we have received a chargeback when attempting to process one of your buys, it may be preventing us from completing further orders. If you are aware of any chargebacks or reversals that have occurred on a recent trade, please include this information when contacting us.
(ii) In other cases, we may just need some additional information to confirm your ownership of the payment methods added to your account. If you have not done so already, please make sure there is an ID document uploaded at MORE/ACCOUNT/Verify Account on your Castle Exchange account. This will help expedite our review process.

Buying and selling coins on Castle Exchange is easy. You can use your Cash wallet or Coin wallets.

1. Go to Trade Screen
2. Select the Crypto Currency you want to BUY or SELL
3. Select the Wallet (Cash or Coin) to pay from
4. Decide on the amount you would like to purchase
5. Note there is a Buy minimum of $15 and a Sell minimum of $12
6. Completed trades will immediately reflect in your Funds balances
7. Pending trades will appear in the Open Orders screen

A stop-limit order will be executed at a specified (or potentially better) price, after a given stop price has been reached. Once the stop price is reached, the stop-limit order becomes a limit order to buy or sell at the limit price or better.

Explanation of Terms:
Stop price: When the current price reaches the chosen stop price, the stop-limit order is executed to buy or sell at the limit price or better.
Limit price: The price (or potentially better) at which that the stop-limit order is executed.
Quantity: The quantity to buy or sell in the stop-limit order.
Example: If the last traded price of a coin is 0.00165 BTC, and the resistance is around 0.00169 BTC. If you think that the price will go higher after the price reaches the resistance, you can put a Stop-Limit order to automatically buy more of the coin at the price of 0.000170 BTC. This way you won’t have to continuously watch market movements waiting for the price to reach your target price.
Approach: Select “Stop-Limit” order on the TRADES tab, then specify the stop price to be 0.000170BTC and the limit price to be 0.000172BTC, with quantity as 10. Then click the button “BUY” to submit the order.
To Query Existing Orders: Once orders are submitted, existing ‘stop-limit’ orders can be found and reviewed by clicking Orders then “open orders”

Castle-X is available in most countries, but is not supported:

1. In countries where Bitcoin or crypto is banned ( , or
2. In countries that appear on the FATF blacklist (FATF blacklist:, or
3. In countries identified as those that may pose a higher risk of money laundering or terrorist financing (

Castle-X will not accept users from these countries, but this list may change over time if the countries are removed from the blacklist or become unbanned.

Please Note: Due to the complexity of the USA's regulatory environment, users from the USA are also unable to trade on Castle Exchange initially. But this will change based on regulatory developments in the various US states.

Castle-X retains the right to amend countries on the supported list at their discretion.

You can buy a minimum of $15 and sell for a minimum of $12.
Castle-X reserves the right to change this at their discretion over time.

Note: All confirmed buys, sells, deposits, and withdrawals on Castle Exchange are final.
Once a transaction request has been submitted to the cryptocurrency blockchain network, the network will automatically complete or reject the request and neither you nor CASTLE EXCHANGE will be able to cancel or otherwise modify your transaction.
Before any order is processed, you will always receive a "Confirmation" prompt to make sure you are comfortable with the amount and timing of your order.
Only click "Confirm" once you are sure you want the order to be processed as described in the confirmation window.

Click the MORE button.
Select the Transfer button for the cryptocurrency wallet from which you'd like to send coins.
Add the wallet address to which you wish to transfer the coins or scan the QR code.
Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you'd like to send in the amount field.
Enter a reference or tag if required.
Confirm the details of the transaction and complete the send.

Please Note: It is very important that the correct wallet address is used, and any additional information required (E.g. tags, memo or any sort of reference) is provided as requested. Else there is a risk that the coins may be irrecoverable and lost forever. Castle Exchange is not liable for any funds sent to the incorrect wallet address.

You can use your Castle Exchange wallet to receive supported digital currencies by publicly displaying a wallet address or by providing one of your wallet addresses to someone directly.
For receiving funds into your Castle Exchange wallet you can send your wallet address to the payer by copying it from the FUNDS page and sending it via email, SMS / text / whatsapp / etc
NOTE: You need to be very careful to send the full and complete wallet address else you risk having funds sent to another wallet address. Castle Exchange is not liable for any funds sent to the incorrect wallet address.

Incoming transactions show up in your account almost instantly (within a few seconds) but will show as 'Pending' until there have been enough network confirmations. The number of confirmations needed is based on the digital currency.

It’s important to understand how Castle Exchange handles digital currency transactions to ensure any refunds reach the sender’s account. Castle Exchange does not support digital currency being returned directly to an address it was sent “from” (in the digital currency world, we call these input addresses).
When a Castle Exchange user sends digital currency from their wallet, the address it comes "from" is one of Castle Exchange's many hot wallet addresses. Any coins sent back to that address would be sent to Castle Exchange, not your own wallet.
For refunds sent back to a Castle Exchange customer, there are several ways you can go about obtaining an address which will accept refunds for a particular transaction.
You can simply send your refund back to the sender’s registered Castle Exchange email address, and our system will match this to their account.
You can request they log in, navigate to a digital currency wallet of their choice, and generate a new address using the “My address” button near the upper right.
You can request the sender provide you with an address from addresses while logged in to their Castle Exchange account. Each address here is capable of receiving and matching a refund.
Once you have a digital currency or email address provided for refund, use the send page, include the address provided, enter the amount to be refunded, and click 'Send Funds'.
If the party you are trying to refund is not using Castle Exchange, you will need to reach out to them directly in order to obtain an address that can accept refunds.

Castle-X wallets currently do not support a wallet import feature. However, you can have coins transferred from external wallets by the owners of these wallets.

Castle Exchange processes cash withdrawals during normal business hours from Monday to Friday. Once the recipient details are checked and approved, the deposit will be made. This can take up to 3 days to be received, depending on your bank.

Yes, the initial withdrawal limit is $10,000. However this can be changed for high volume users if they contact us on

Castle Exchange supports 140+ different cryptocurrencies.
This may change over time support depends on the liquidity and appeal of the coins in the crypto market.

All balances can be tracked by checking the FUNDS or MORE/Statements page.

Users can click on the ‘More’ tab at the bottom of the screen, and then select ‘Statements’
This will give the user the choice to view either their Cash statement or Coin statement.
When viewing the Coin statement, the coin will need to be selected within the screen.
The default dates will be selected and can be changed to match user criteria.
Users can select whether they wish to see all transactions, or they can select from Deposit, Withdraw, Purchase, Sale, Transfer or Receive, and then pressing the filter button to update the selection.